72 Colored Pencils in Zipper Case

Create Vibrant Art with our 72 Premium Colored Pencils in a Convenient Zipper Case

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$49.99 $42.99

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4.65 out of 5 stars

19 reviews

Product Summary

This set of 72 colored pencils is perfect for anyone who loves to color, from beginners to professionals. The pencils come in a convenient zipper case for easy storage and portability.

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Additional Product Details

  • Made to make it easy with color families arranged
  • Named, numbered, and color-coded for unerring selection
  • Soft yet durable cores that defy crumbling under pressure
  • Intensely pigmented, rich, and creamy colors for smooth coverage
  • Effortless layering, blending, and burnishing for perfect shades
  • Build your skills with a unique fold-out tutorial
  • Recreate a stunning gryphon illustration on the sleeve cover
  • Tested and trusted by studio experts and 1.5 million customers worldwide
  • Unique money-back PLUS guarantee for added peace of mind

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