Prismacolor Black Colored Pencils, 12/Pk (3363)

Enhance Your Artistic Vision with the Prismacolor Black Colored Pencils, 12/Pk (3363)

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$27.27 $10.12

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4.81 out of 5 stars

201 reviews

Product Summary

Prismacolor Black Colored Pencils, 12/Pk (3363) is a high-quality product for artists, designers, and coloring enthusiasts. These pencils are made with premium quality pigments that offer excellent color saturation and smooth application for achieving realistic shading and highlighting effects.

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Additional Product Details

  • with every pack. Ideal for creating dramatic, bold artwork. Smooth and easy to blend colors. High-quality and long-lasting for lasting artistic projects. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Great for coloring books and illustrations. Versatile for various techniques and styles. Pencils come pre-sharpened for immediate use

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